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What would happen if you were riding on one of our beautiful greenlines or greenways and you had an accident? You or someone near you would call 911. How would you tell the operator where to find you?

The beauty of the greenways is their seclusion from traffic, but that also poses some safety concerns. Mid South Greenways is leading a coordinated effort involving our Parks and Greenways Organizations and 911 Managers to place 911 Trail Location Signs along our greenways. Many other cities have implemented similar sign systems and as the regional greenway system continues to grow, user safety will always be a top priority.

Signs are being placed at minimum every quarter mile or in areas that have been identified as potentially hazardous. In an emergency you should call 911 and tell them the sign number. That number is coded with GPS coordinates in the 911 System that will tell first responders not only where you are, but also the fastest way to access you and what equipment is suitable for the trail.

Pam Beasley, Director of Germantown Parks and Recreation has installed an initial phase of signs along the Germantown Greenway (GG###). Other greenlines are slated to be installed in the coming months. We will make every effort to place signs in locations where we know conditions might pose a risk. However, some incidents and crashes go unreported. If you know of a particular area of concern please feel free to contact me at midsouthgreenways@gmail.com with as much information as possible.

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