The stage is being set for an October 22nd opening of the Big River Crossing, the bike/ped path across the Harahan Bridge. Many Memphis residents have asked, “Why do we want to go over there?” Several have jokingly offered that Pancho’s is the only attraction but there is far more to see than a bowl of delicious cheese dip. Here’s a little glimpse of what’s waiting on the other side:

The trail head in West Memphis features a nice bench, map, and a trash can to dispose of those empty energy gel wrappers. There is a small parking lot but there is a wide sidewalk that goes further into West Memphis making it easy for residents to ride their bicycles to the trail.



Residents from both sides of the river will now have access to the immense floodplain and the gravel roads that run across it.

Those roads will also give you views of Memphis that you’ve likely never seen.

Your trips over will be filled with amazing views and unique experiences, some of which will undoubtedly include a little bit of Pancho’s Cheese Dip.

Or you might be in the mood for some fish.

Whether it’s food or scenery that whets your appetite you will be sure to find it on the Big River Trail and in the Eco Park.

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