Memphis Regional Design Center



Public meeting on the re-routing of the Mississippi River Trail

The Memphis Regional Design Center has provided technical and staffing support to various organizations, initiatives, and projects that coincide with its mission. These projects have included:

  • Mississippi River Corridor Tennessee: Mapping of Mississippi River Trail through Shelby County and help organizing public meeting and reception.
  • Harahan Bridge Project: Organized a pubic meeting and mini-charrette for the French Fort neighborhood, adjacent to proposed project. Neighborhood given the opportunity to influence the master plan of the area and guide future development by Lauren Crews.
  • Mid South Regional Greenways Steering Committee: Mapping of proposed regional Greenprint with desired bike lanes, trails, parks, and open space.
  • Broad Street Connector: Supporting Livable Memphis with project through fundraising, mapping, and planning efforts.

The support provided by the Design Center has been critical to the development of these projects, and the Center has become an important partner in the green infrastructure development community.